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Our Portfolio

Orchid Design has what it takes to make your product a reality – from concept through production. Our experience includes successful devices for the world’s largest device manufacturers and the smallest innovative start-up. We bring a wide-range of experience to every challenge – helping us to provide streamlined, effective solutions to your design challenges.

Joint Reconstruction

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty System
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty Instrumentation
  • Bi-Polar Hip Arthroplasty System
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty System
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty Instrumentation
  • Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty System
  • Acetabular Cups
  • Acetabular Cup Alignment Instruments
  • Hip Cement Spacer
  • Knee Cement Spacer
  • Cement Mixing & Delivery System
  • Modular Hip Stem Extraction Instrumentation
  • Fractured Hip Stem Extraction Instrumentation
  • Tibial Osteotomy Instrumentation
  • Tibial Trials Instrumentation
  • Anterior and Posterior Referencing Cutting Blocks


  • Femoral & Tibial IM Nail Systems & Instrumentation
  • Humeral IM Nail & Instrumentation
  • Humeral Neck Fracture System
  • Clavical Fixation System and Instrumentation
  • Lag Screw System and Instrumentation
  • Pelvic Fracture Reducer
  • Fragment Systems and Instrumentation
  • Cable Passer Instrumentation
  • Cannulated Screw System
  • External Fixator
  • Cable Tensioner
  • Screw Extraction Instrument
  • Olecranon Fracture Screw

Published Project Examples